Saturday, January 30, 2010

Picture Post

Some recent pictures of us at a birthday party and just hanging around!

I love this picture... Big Brother, Middle Brother and Little Brother undies! :)

Do you think it would be silly to frame that photo? I love it. Probably seems strange to display their undies but I always want to remember how small they were!!

Ok here is another cake by my oober talented friend Michelle. She made this one for my brother's birthday. He LOVES the Cowboys. Seriously...he cries when the lose.

Some shots of the jumpy birthday party we went to...

and of course a few pictures of sweet Mr. Parker and my two other precious boys!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fab Find

Wanted to share with you gals a FAB FIND of mine! Go Jane is a great website with great stuff at great prices!! Check out these FAB shoes for $16!

Now I know these are Miley Cyrus brand but WHO CARES when they only cost $10 and $8 each!! At Walmart! I own both of them!

Ok sorry it's short and sweet. I have to get to bed because I know a cute little boy who is going to wake up any minute and want to eat! More Fab Finds tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parker's Birth Annoucement

I wanted to share with y'all Parker's birth annoucement! I am so excited! It turned out PERFECT!! The lady who designed it was just awesome and super inexpensive! Contact me if you want her info! She also does invitations!

Be back later!! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Boy how time flies, eh? I can't beleive tomorrow is already Sunday! I have to tell ya that breastfeeding is a job in itself. I feel like I can hardly finish one feeding before it's time for another! I'm sorry my posts are so few and far between but seriously, I'm nursing ALL THE TIME! I love it don't get me wrong.. but there just aren't enough hours in the day. I think I'll do a whole post on breastfeeding and my nursing "must haves." Doesn't that sound like fun? NOT! But hey, that's what's going on with me so I figure I might as well share those products that help me survive the day!

Parker is do so well! He is such a doll and we are enjoying him so much. I love to just stare at him. I can't wait until his first smile! Don't you just love those toothless smiles??! :)

We had a birthday party to attend this weekend of one of my sweet friends daughters. Her name is Elizabeth but they call her Lizzie. She's adorable. She turned one and had a super cute party. I wanted to post pictures of the outfit her mom--my friend Heather--made for her! It was adorable! And talk about well made. She can customize the outfits with any fabric/theme you'd like. Contact her if you'd like an outfit for your daughter. She *might* be starting an Etsy store soon and if she does I will share her info! For now, if you'd like to order this outfit her email address is I wish I had better pictures of the outfit. Maybe one day Heather we can get together and I can shoot some of your work! ;)

A picture of us and the boys before the party

And some of the sweetest friends a girl could ask for. I love these girls!! :)

A few more pictures from the party...and a few random photos of my precious boys!!

I promise not to go so long in between posts anymore! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good to be Home

The title couldn't be any more true! It is SO GOOD to be home! Once again we thank you for praying for Parker. He's doing well! Eating is back to normal! I have some pretty cute pictures coming soon! He's such a doll!

Ok so who is totally loving this guy?!

Ok believe it or not, this is my FIRST season to ever watch The Bachelor! I know...crazy!! I have just never gotten into it. But now, I am HOOKED!! Is it just me or does Jake seem too good to be true? I think he's a great guy. He's actually got some morals and values it seems. Each episode he impresses me more. The drama is already heating up on this one. I don't like to speak ill of people but that Michelle gal was something! I felt bad for her...she almost seemed a little crazy huh?

Ok sorry for the short to get a few little boys in bed!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guess who is feeling better??

God hears the prayers of His people!!

Parker has had an awesome day!

He has been off oxygen since 6am this morning and has been maintaining good levels on his own!!!!!!!! PRAISE!! He is also eating regularly again and has his little personality back! All these things mean he is feeling better!!

I want to THANK YOU for praying for my son. I know that all these things have come to be because people like you have prayed! Some of you who left comments are new. It is nice to "meet" you! I hope you will come back and we can be blog friends! As soon as I have a little more time, I plan to visit your blogs and get to know you a little better! A big thank you to Kristin who posted about Parker on her blog. What a sweet person she is. I love her and *hope* to meet her in person one day! I feel like we are already close friends! She is my sister in Christ and has prayed for me and my family many times over! I love you Kristin!!

I want to thank our sweet friends for coming to the hospital to visit us. Shawn and Jessica who brought us a yummy meal, Michelle for visiting with us and bringing us some much needed snacks, Amanda for sending Parker the cutest little stuffed aligator, my brother and Gail who came and brought us movies to watch.. we love you all. Having visitors helped pass the time and really lifted out spirits.

Another thank you to each person who sent text messages, emails, facebook comments/messages about Parker. Those were so encouraging! Just knowing you were thinking of us gave me so much peace. I cannot thank you enough.

We are so eager to go home! As you probably already guessed I miss these two handsome little guys so bad!!

I have not left this hospital room since Teusday and it's time for me to get some fresh air! I'm eager to sleep in my own bed, to tuck my boys in at night...heck, I even miss the dogs! :)

So fingers crossed for no setbacks today!! And *maybe* we will get to go home early!!!
I will keep you all posted!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My little fighter

So I walked by a mirror early and saw myself and almost threw up. I feel sure Stacie and Clinton from What Not to Wear will jump out of the closet at any moment to slap me with a fashion ticket! LOL. Seriously if you could see what I looked like! The bags under my eyes are so big they need their own zip code! Ha!

Thought I'd start off with a little humor. That's my personality. I just have to say thank you for your prayers. We covet each and every one of them. We have felt so blessed throughout this whole process and have been blown away by how many people are praying for our son.

Currently Parker is back on 100% oxygen support. He is getting breathing treatments every 4 hours now to help open up his lungs. We have been told that he has Atelectasis, which is collapsed lungs along with Pneumonia. The latter is a very scary word for me to hear. People die from hearing that word from the doctor today was like a punch in the gut. I tried not to I did the next best thing--ask a ton of questions.

I can't even describe to you how awesome the care is here. Every whim is being taken into consideration. My son couldn't be taken better care of anywhere else. We don't even have to get our own ice water. I love his doctor and all the nurses. These people truly care about the well-being of children.

After each breathing treatment, Parker gets suctioned--this is not a pretty thing to watch. This is to help remove the mucus that was just broken up by the treatment. It seems to really help him but only for a short period of time.

They are attacking the pneumonia aggressively with antibiotics. He has good days and he has bad days. We are just playing the waiting game to see what happens next.

The praises are that his blood and urine came back negative for infection and bacteria. And also the spinal tap came back negative for meningitis! We are very thankful for that!

The unfortunate thing is that we are back to not be able to feed him. His oxygen levels are dropping again and are not consistant enough. So no breastfeeding or bottle feeding until they are more stable. The worry is that the milk can asperate into his lungs and basically fill up in his lungs--not good.

So that's the update on Parker. He is fighting this thing hard! God has revealed himself to me in several ways through this. I feel so unworthy of all the prayers. How often do you tell someone that you are going to pray for them and then you forget? I think we are all guilty of that. But I have had so many who keep telling me over and over that they prayed for Parker today; or yesterday..or have sent me bible verses or prayers that they have prayed. Gods people are amazing. My hope is that I can return the favor to each and everyone of you when it is needed. I pray God's greatest blessings over each person who has prayed. From a mother's heart, thank you.

I will keep you all posted here on the blog and on our facebook.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Angel

Here are a few photos of Parker the last 24 hours. Please keep him in your prayers. The little guy has put up with quite a lot of poking...and he's a little fighter I tell ya!

He does have RSV. So we are fighting that. He is not breathing well enough on his own so they have him on oxygen. We are also waiting on blood and urine cultures along with spinal tap results to come back on Thursday morning.

We are so worn and and miss our other boys so badly. Keep us all in your prayers. We have already counted our blessings a hundred times over while being here. There are so many other children who are so much sicker than Parker is. Let's pray for those children and their families as well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So Thankful

In my last post I mentioned a scary situation that took place at the hospital after Parker was born. It's been very hard for me to talk about because when/if I do, I burst into tears. I get this sick feeling in my stomach and it feels as though I was losing my baby boy all over again.

We were supposed to be discharged last Wednesday from the hospital. I was actually scheduled to stay until Thursday but I was feeling good and was eager to get home and see my boys. So my doctor said we could go home early. We only had to wait for him to come check me out and to also do the "pee pee surgery" for little Parker.

The afternoon turned into evening and it was obvious that he wasn't going to make it over to discharge us. Victor and I were both bummed because we wanted to go home and sleep in our own bed so badly. Anyhow, we had some friends visiting us and we really enjoyed their company. Shortly after they left my niece noticed that Parker had some throw up coming out of his mouth (he was laying in his little hospital bed). We didn't think anything of it; just wiped it up. A few minutes passed and I randomly decided to check his diaper. I walk over and see that he now has vomit coming out of his nose. Upon further observation I realize that he isn't moving and is also not breathing. I tried not to panic and quickly picked him up to burp him. That did no good so then I go into panic mode and I turn to Victor and say, "Victor I think he is choking." He takes him and also tries to burp him to no avail. I started yelling and told my husband that he was choking. He told me to run and get a nurse. I was a total basketcase. I opened the door to our room and scream for the nurses to come. I couldn't even speak when one of them asked me what was wrong. All I could manage to do was wave my hands for them to come into the room. When I turn around I see my little boy, his face was totally blue and his lips were as black as his hair. It was a horrible sight. The entire event seemed to take 30 minutes. I watch as 5 nurses rush into my room, one of them calls for a code red... I'm standing there with my hands covering my mouth sobbing and I tell you honestly that I thought that my boy was going to die. Those few minutes he was without air seemed like an eternity. I must have been ugly I know because I was yelling at those ladies to save him. One nurse picked him up and began beating him on his back. She beat and beat and beat and it seemed like nothing was happening.. they finally the stuck something down his throat and he coughed out a very large amount of mucus that was stuck in his throat. He started crying and that is when I knew he was okay. I was still sobbing and all the kind nurses were saying, "He's okay Mom..see he's breathing..he's okay." But I just couldn't overcome the emotion of what I had just witnessed.

If I wasn't already an over-protective, off the wall crazy mom, I can tell you that I am now. It took me quite a long time to calm down. My poor husband was in shock as well. I just threw myself into his arms holding Parker and we immediately hit the floor and thanked God that He allowed him to live. I know many other mothers who have had more tragic situations with their children but this was by far the worst thing I've had to endure as a mother. I apologized to those ladies who saved his life for yelling at them. They told me not to even worry about it.. they understood. was meant to be for us not to be discharged. God had us stay an extra night for a reason. If this had taken place at home, I feel sure that Parker wouldn't have made it. I wouldn't have known what to do. My husband and I are now going to take an infant CPR/Emergency class.

I am so thankful that God was watching over my sweet little boy that night. I have a great appreciation for my children. Not that I didn't appreciate them before but now I hug them a little tighter. Life can be taken away from us so quickly. My heart aches when I think about mothers who have lost a child in some way.

Thank you Jesus for being with my boy. Thank you for my three precious boys. I love them more than life and cannot imagine life without them. God is good.

Enjoy these pictures I took of little Parker. He's such a sweetie!